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Project Description
GemTerm is a serial terminal UI frontend for Windows CE (mainly for embedded CE).

The old Windows CE serial terminal program "pegterm" depends on MS provided termctrl.dll internally.

GemTerm is also established above the termctrl but can easily modify the codes.

Supported OS

Windows Embedded CE 6.0
Windows CE 5.0
(should also work for CE.NET 4.x but I have no means to test...)

How to build

In order successfully build this project, you should have

Visual Studio 2005 with Smart Device Development capability
Any Windows Embedded CE based SDK
WTL (Windows Templete Library) 8.0

WTL 8.0 can be downloaded from Microsoft site:

Known Limitation

The termctrl.dll included in Platfiorm Builder may not support Serial Port Plug and Play.
When you opened 3G USB Modem device serial port by GemTerm and unplug the device, you'll get exception in the termctrl context.
This must be fixed by modifying the termctrl.dll code but this is beyond the scope of this project.


When your SDK includes "DCOM" functions, the WTL 8.0 templete components may result in build error.
I made a little modification in WTL module and put it into "include" folder. You can use it when DCOM based build error occurs (just setup "include" folder for additional header location)

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